Online chess ethics

Online chess ethics

Jan 23, 2018, 9:21 PM |

Long time didn't write, so decided to touch some online chess ethics topics:


Should you rematch every time you play someone I don't think it is applied in online chess, just because player's pool is quite big, plus you are not really getting to know your opponent.

I played against some players long matches, against others only one game, think it is up to individual taste. It is different from live chess.


Flagging good or bad In short time control 1/0 3/0 5/0 it is obvious time will have impact on your game, I don't think trying to win on time here is anything bad. If one feels bad about it, can just play longer time control.


Chatting during the game I rarely do it as I'm here to work on chess rather than socialize, but it is up to very one individually. I think if one feels it disturbing, can just switch off the chat.


Abusing others Yes chess sometimes might be painful, but still have to respect your opponent and restrain yourself from making bad comments,  I think from the lost games to a strong can pick up quite a lot of useful lessons, abusing other players just because they played better doesn't achieve anything.


Spotting cheaters Yes, some people cheat while are playing online chess, again don't think accusing person in chat or spamming wall with abuses makes any sense, here can just submit case to a support team, let the people who know their job to find weather you are right.


Hope it was helpful to touch these topics.