top 5 songs that were big in the 80's

Apr 4, 2008, 12:32 PM |

Alright everybody more random thoughts from my warped mind...

These are in my opinion the top 5 songs that were big in the 80's

5 to 1 here we go

5. Eye of the tiger. Yes the Rocky theme song. Hated the movie but liked the song.

4. I want Candy by Bow wow wow. Cool song gets stuck in your head however.

3. Toni Basil Hey Mickey. Talk about a song that really gets stuck in your head. Great song!!

2. The Cure Pictures of You One of my favs

1. The Buggles Video killed the radio star. Excellent song and just so happens that it was the first video ever played on MTV. You know back when MTV used to play well, music!!