Bughouse and Victory at the National Championships

Bughouse and Victory at the National Championships

Dec 16, 2015, 11:22 AM |

GM Irina Krush shares the stories of many of this year's National Champions in her account: Krush on K-12: "No Offense, but GMs Aren't Good at Bughouse"

Krush also discusses bughouse strategy with the youngest ever US master, Max Lu, who won the National 4th Grade Championship. 

GM Irina Krush vs. NM Max Lu (Bughouse)

Can you solve this tactic from one of the biggest upset games in the tournament (nearly 800 rating points)?

According to GM Krush, "White is up a clear pawn with a total bind on the position." How can Black take over the game?

Sean Kaloudis vs. Nico Chasin (3rd Grade Section)

Evelyn Zhu and Wesley Wang, the top two finishers in the 6th grade section

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