Dragons on the Beach: The American Team at World Youth

Dragons on the Beach: The American Team at World Youth

Nov 4, 2015, 12:13 AM |

GM Alejandro Ramirez, one of the coaches at the World Youth Championship, writes about beginning of the event.

"Certainly has a ring to it, being World Champion! For this precise goal America is sending over 120 young, talented players to the 2015 Youth and Cadet World Chess Championships in Porto Carras, Greece. It's been thirteen years since I have been in this country, incidentally as a player in the u-14 category of this very tournament, and it is a pleasure to return as one of the coaches of the U.S. Delegation.

This tournament is a unique experience for most of the players. Some come in it to fight for the top places, the coveted medals and the international recognition that comes with them. Awonder Liang, Carissa Yip and several others enter the tournament as some of the top seeds; they come here only with the gold medal in mind. For others, it is a tournament like no other, the first international competition for some, and the realization that tournament chess is far more than the weekend Swisses we are used to in America."

Solve a Sicilian Dragon tactic by Aghilan Nachiappan (American Team, Open Under 8).

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