Really God is kind

Few days back(10-20 days), i played a Live standrd game of time control 30/0 with an opponent ,who had 1500+ rating and i had only 1300+

Before the game he wrote me .that i am a baby to him and he should take 10 min to beat me.

The game continued 87 moves. He was in loosing position but probably did't know how to resign.

After the game he told me "you are a jerk". I was planning to answer him. But suddely i thought that EVERY CREATURE IS CREATED BY GOD. REALLY GOD IS VERY KIND. He has sent EVERY KIND OF SAMPLE in world to maintain the equilibrium:-D


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    But to maintain balance both sides have to be jerks :-)

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    tic 4 tac......u have done beating him up. 

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    The most unplesant experience i ever had was actually the first game i played here in live chess. He/she (probably he) was being extremely rude etc it's a wonder i even bothered to play another game when 100% of people i had played at that stage were rude and offensive. I've only had  1-2 since in about 300 games. so there are a small amount of people but there are a few out there. Glad you gave him some back through your play and that you were wise enough to not engage in that type of behaviour.

    You can feel quite strong when you see through situations like that don't you? Like you're flexing your peace and compassion muscles Smile

    Peace. Dean

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    ok . but he lost his concentration due to the conversation . its funny!!

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    Next time just disable the chat.  In long live game, if your opponent is rude, then only disable the chat.  

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