Portland Quads 45 games

Jun 22, 2015, 3:55 PM |
Just wanted to post my three games from this weekend chess event. Time control is 45 minutes with a 10 second delay.
First game was against a first time tournament unrated player. I thought he played pretty well and its pretty clear he has studied the game at least a little bit.
The second game was against a very young kid. I would guess he was like 7-8 years old. He had a bye the first round so he got paired against me. He blundered a piece failing to remember about the 'touch rule' in tournament play. Although I don't think it would have mattered much in the end. The skill level difference was pretty large.
Since the second game ended so quickly(it took about 10 minutes total) I was able to run out and go get lunch. Being full of food made me very excited to keep playing some chess. This last game had quite a few bad plays by both sides and it ultimately ended in a draw. I ended up in a bit of time trouble at the end which is why the PGN cuts short.
Overall I had a lot of fun and felt I played okay chess. I had some mental calculation errors which ended me trading, at best, evenly. I blame my lack of OTB play as of late. I try to study with a real board, but I think I really need to study tactics OTB more. After the Quad 45 event, they ran a blitz tournament and some of the really good players showed up. Of the 10 players that did that, there was 5 players over 2000. I may start posting all my games to really record my progressing to being a titled player!