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Winning the Diamond Members & Staff Tournament

Feb 5, 2013, 12:50 PM 5

I still cherish the sweet memories of my winning the most covetous World Ama. Chess Championship Title & a glittering Gold Medal for India at Hastings, England, in 1998. Thereafter, I played many tournaments & won many Prizes.Kiss Chess.com is my very special site for me due its multiple & colourful feastures & of course due to my friend Erik who made a life-time member! Recently, I won the Diamond Members & Staff Tournament with a Record of 46-0-3 & was awarded 472 pts. & I reached a magical 2556 rating the first ever Indian to achieve so. I would like to share some of my  interesting games with all. Of course, there are mistakes & blunders after all its chess.Wink

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