Believe in The Impossible and Show Goliath No Mercy!

Believe in The Impossible and Show Goliath No Mercy!

Feb 27, 2017, 7:13 AM |

As a young and promising talented player I had a lot to prove. I remember this game like it was yesterday, Fabio Mensing, at this time was for years one of the best players in Curacao, and I’d never played against him before.

Don’t get me wrong. I was the underdog in this game, I had no rating and everyone expected a 2157 Fide rating player to crush me and have an easy day at the office!

I sat down with my heart ready to explode and to boost my confidence I told myself “Valentino from this day he will remember your name, win or lose!”


As a e4 player at the time I bravely played d2-d4 going in unknown territory!

What does black want to achieve with this aggressive move?

Besides attacking my d4 pawn in the center, he is luring me to take the bait and get the false illusion that I can be a pawn up!


What should white do next? I know that I have to castle, develop the Knight and Bishop and launch an attack on the black King. That’s the easy part, now comes the difficult part in which order?


I went into deep thinking, calculating variation after variation burning a lot of time on the clock. I said to myself “Valentino STOP, do the first thing that’s come to your mind” ready or not I went in for the KILL, marching forward h2-h4!


Every piece is develop and the g2 pawn was screaming to go to g4 square. I played Na4 and you know what they say a Knight on the rim is dim. What was I thinking?!?


Very generous of black helping white to open the h-file for the rook to come into play! Hmmm my opponent really likes playing with fire. Let see if he is up to the task…….



This game show’s that you have to believe in yourself. Every chess player makes mistakes and will win some and lose some. The best way to improve is to go through your games so you can learn from your mistakes.

Make it a habit and next time it will be your turn to show no mercy to Goliath!


Enjoy the hostility and till next time.

Sensei San Valentino!