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    • Whats a mod?

      So I have heard of mods and I was wondering is a mod someone who just enforces the rules? they seem like that kind of person with that type of name.  | Read More

    • How can someone play Lightning?

      Seriously I like fast games, but lightning paced games are insane like really 1 min to make it happen. How? I couldn't even fall for a fools mate in that short time. is it really even chess anymore at that point? its like just moving pieces and ho... | Read More

    • Long games helpful or not?

      So I have been told many times now that playing in longer games will help expand my knowledge in chess but someone like me likes fast paced games. I just can't seem to grasp the objective of a game that is like an hour long. It gets boring and i u... | Read More

    • Whats the point in a group?

      I have been playing now for like 1 week and have experienced a lot so far but I don't understand what a group is for. I thought they were like cool looking clubs that were hard to get into but I realize now that its just as simple as jus... | Read More

    • Which one is better? Chrome or IE?

      Just a simple question I think chromes the winner its runs faster and smoother but IE still has a couple good things about it. | Read More

    • Taking an easy win?

      Is it right for me to take an easy win from a friend? I don't think its fair because I want to face the real him not a semi concious him. Who else agrees? | Read More

    • turn based games suck

      It sucks because most of the time the other player isnt online or wont even play their move. I wonder why people even play it. | Read More

    • Does anyone know when chess actually first started?

      simple question does anyone know when the idea or concept of chess first started? | Read More

    • I hate losing it isnt fun

      I hate losing to one person over and over. It's like i'm trtying but he knows my every move and the best counter. I think it might be because hes playing longer games and longer games are not my strong point. | Read More

    • I hate Fool's mate, sometimes I actually fall for it.

      seriously who else thinks fools mate is dumb? I was playing agaisnt the computer and took his Queen and he check mated me.  sometimes when this happen I feel like I could have avoided it if I thought things through a little deeper. | Read More