M no tabi, I

M no tabi, I

NM VanishingDragon
Apr 3, 2017, 9:19 AM |

for the sake of anon, I will not be mentioning names as much as possible.


But first and foremost, I must thank my coach, IM "almost KKK but KMK" for his enlightenment of the game of chess. He pointed out a very critical trick in the games I played (you can guess which idea it is), as well as offering support advices (eg no cheap draws in round 9). On another amusing note though, I must also thank NM Hustletime for his blog, which inspired me to score a win in round 4 of the tournament. (see game v GM Y Solodovnichenko). Lastly, congratulations to JG Ljudojevic for winning the tournament with me on 6.5/9 in our RR section. Also I should thank my friend Yonatan who offered me a place to stay during the tournament so I did not have to pay for hotel.


This was probably by far the most difficult 9 round tournament I participated, with an Rc of 2315. I was concerned that in order to qualify for a 2450 TPR, I actually needed 8/9 for a norm if I wanted one. Fortunately, my friend and main organizer (Piotr Lukasz) assured me I do not have to travel that far. For this part I, I will show game 1 which was played last Wednesday. Other 8 games will be showed at a later time when I discover some.


(for some reason, I am having trouble adding comments between the moves, help would be beloved)
This was a London, as I concluded I should play this opening in order to combat some one sided lines for black. I thought I achieved a decently strong monopoly of the dark squares but as pieces left the board, I realized his pawns are banzai charging down towards my king, and  I decided to trade rooks off, as I have also concluded that they are the main driving force in almost any kind of attack against a king. I achieved a position where I thought I had a guaranteed win of some sort after Rf6, but I got careless and allowed a small swindle known as Rc6 when I took on e5. I believe the bishop endgame should have been a draw if he traded on f3 but he declined the draw with a rather low rate move, which ended in him having to resign not long afterwards. I can defend his pawn by Ke1-d2 (P.S. I also thought c4 was not that great for long term because after endgame was reached, black had to now expend unnecessary effort on defending my b pawn from rushing down to b8)


This game made me realize that people are very very carnivorous about winning in a RR tournament like this. (eg declining draw twice trying to win in this game, and in general felt as if me opponents smashed the cooking stoves and sunk the boats) While this makes up for the brutal nature of this kind of tournament in general, I can also use that to my advantage somehow.


Phew, that was a lot for a part I. stay tuned for part II and beyond. Keep on............