M no tabi, III

M no tabi, III

NM VanishingDragon
Apr 8, 2017, 5:47 PM |

I got carried away with a push to 2900 challenge on c24 (currently somewhere in the mid 2700s) so I forgot to update the tournament occurings. 



As the epic fail I am with luck and freak accidents, I managed to farm 2.5/3, which should have been 3/3 but ok I will not pursue further on such muimi things.


In this part we will explore what happened on Mar 31st, 2017


Round 4: I encounter the winner of the M group from last yr, a strong 2392 rated M.  chessdb and 365chess games revealed that he is a chaos seeking kind of player that brings forth instabilities in games. How perfect that I exactly play the one setup that silences most black aggressive lines: der London. Enough said, we shall go forth to the game.


This placed me at 3.5/4, and in the next round I faced a legendary IM who a few at the tournament jokingly dubbed him profesor because of the outfit he brought. The game ended quite quickly after reaching hedgehogish setup where he claimed the position was getting uninteresting.


please look forward to part 4 :D have a great day everyone.