117th Annual US Open Part 1/2

Aug 6, 2017, 9:33 AM |

The US Open was a huge tournament! There were 396 total player entries in the event. I played a total of 8 rounds and took a last round half-point-bye since my father had an important business meeting the next day. My results:


1) Black vs IM Konstantin Kavutsky 2467 Lost

2) White vs. Saran Gao 1496 Won

3) Black vs. Raghav Venkat 2096 Lost

4) White vs. Jose Lanzica 1585 Won

5) Black vs. Bradley Rogers 2119 Draw

6) White vs. David Mbonu 2229 Lost 

7) Black vs. Amir Khan 1516 Won

8) White vs. Kushal Pai 1609 Won





This game was horribly played by me. I played like a 500. I just messed up the opening lines and things started going downhill. After f4, my first instinct was to take the pawn, get developed and castled, and then break with d5. This is what I should have done to maintain equality. Rather, I gave my opponent 3 advantages.

1) Space on the Kingside

2) Bishop Pair

3) Open a-file which could be useful in certain scenarios such as endgames.


In Part 2, I will post games 5-8. I did win my round 8 game in less than half- hour though. I didn't play Round 9, because my dad had a business meeting, at Microsoft, so I took a half point bye.