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Drawing a 2400 at Pan American

Jul 20, 2017, 11:42 AM 6

I played at the Pan American Youth Festival la Juventu in San Jose, (Jo-zee) Costa Rica. The hotel area was awesome. There was free Hot Chocolate on the second floor. We would have Breakfast in the main lobby and lunch and dinner would be held at the Convention Center were the tournament hall was as well. During round 2, Fide President Kirsan Illyumzhinov walked inside the tournament hall to spectate some games including mine. Although it was my turn, I took 5 minutes just looking around at all the photographers snapping photos of him by the second. My only disappointment was losing my last round. I normally make comebacks in the second half and I was. If I had won my last round, I would have won 5th place on tiebrakes! Just two away from getting auto CM. My opponent also blundered a piece on move 7, but I didn't know the opening very well and didn't take advantage of it. Instead, I developed a piece without much thought. Well anyway, I wanted to show my second round draw against the top seed FM Miguel Soto Angel rated 2400.


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