Bump Chess/Teleportation Chess
Bump: @garfield92037 Teleportation: @Hongyi80 and Andrew Wang who is at lichess

Bump Chess/Teleportation Chess

Jan 6, 2018, 8:32 AM |

These 2 variants are invented by me. 



Bump is a game where instead of taking actual pieces you Bump them  the way you captured it.

An example with knights: 

So you might be wondering how to you get rid of pieces. Well the way is is that you have to bump it out of the board. Just saying you can not bump your own pieces.(you can if you want cause i think it is okay but garfield92037 does not like it...whatever. Choose what you want)  Also to avoid draws you can bump back the same way as before they bumped you and then they can not bump you. Let me show you:

If you are wondering that do you have to move your king is in check. The answer is no. But how do you  checkmate? Let me show you:

Black has won cause if king bumps the queen then the queen bumps him back.If he goes to d2 of f2 then the knight bumps him.  And if regular chess the king is FORCED no matter what to take it. same is sort of true here. I hope you enjoy this conept. Thank you.

Teleportation Chess 


This game is SUPER simple to understand. But first I just want to say my back story of how this game was made. (there is no backstory for bump so...yeah.) So basicaly I was tired of people telproting their peices when they are losing it or when they are losing in general. So I made this game in order to have fun with it. But you can not teleport your pawns nor you king. so that is it for teleportation chess... 

So if you are wondering whaat the eductional value is is for bump in the openings White has traps on the first move. This helps you be aware what is going on. For teleportation chess for White you learn attacking and for Black defence. Also since you do not need to move your pawns you can quickly get in to a normal pawn race with knigs exept starting off the game was way more fun. I hope you enjoy theses varients and please try them out. See ya


CREDITS:Bump: @garfield92037 Teleportation: @Hongyi80 and Andrew Wang who is at lichess