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How to Study Chess

How to Study Chess

Apr 9, 2017, 9:26 AM 4

You know how sometimes when your parents ask you to study and you do not know how to do it? Well there are many options to help you study. It is the only way you get better. That is the only way Magnus Carlsen became World Chess Champion.                                                                                            

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But sometimes you can get distracted. But how do you learn chess but not get distracted? Just saying Magnus Carlsen did not have to go through the stress of studying.                                                                                             Image result for study  gif


So how do you need to stay focused? Well for one thing it depends on your personality. If you HATE to read then do not ask your parents to buy books because then you will hate studying chess because you hate to read. So instead you should go on the internet to study with videos. The normal route would be youtube but you could also go on and thing that shows videos because they probably have chess. But what do you do if you LOVE to read? Then you can ether ask your parents for books or go online and read articles. But if you are REALLY studying then you do both.


This will go on a while. It will not go poof and you are a GM. It takes a few years are even a decade before you move up like I rocket through the ratings.

 So be patient!

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