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Opening Principles for Beginners

Opening Principles for Beginners

Oct 2, 2016, 8:25 AM 0

 I am going to tell you 3 principles.I am going to tell you 1 that you still should follow. White will be doing the right thing and black is not. 


  1. Control the Center In the game bellow I will show you if you attacked the center and if you did not. White will do the right things and Black will not.
    If you do an attack on the sides for too long then you can not attack the center because you probably lose piece.
  2. Keep your King Safe If you do not keep your king safe you will more times then not lose. Let look at the chess game bellow.
  3. Develop Your Pieces From Their Home. If you look at this diagram black will not develop and then lose.


  1. Save Material If you do not have material then you can not checkmate your opponent no matter what.
I guess that was a bit too extreme but it is a diagram.happy.pngNo link today and bye.frustrated.png


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