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The Process of Thinking

The Process of Thinking

Jul 21, 2017, 10:37 AM 4

After a every strong move you pause to think about the next move. When you first start out you start calculating. It goes up and up and you think the process is good. But then you hit a two hour tournament and get crushed by people who do it correctly. So now I am going to show the steps of thinking out a move.


1.Identify the position 


When you look at a game after the move look at it. For example think in your mind, " I have the bishop pair.....he has a weak king......he has a bad pawn structure...." After you finish that it is time to take another step in the thought process.


 2. Canitate Moves


Then you think of attacking moves. If you are under attack think of a defending move. Even if they are dumb you still have to look at them.


3. Calculate


Then calculate the moves you picked. Them choose which one is the best. Then play the move. 



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