Playing the Italian as White

Playing the Italian as White

Nov 13, 2013, 5:03 PM |

Hello, fellow people, today I share with you one of my favorite openings,  my #1 all timer: The Italian

So, two things to get straight:

When you are white, you must always be attacking in the opening, forcing black into a bad position.

The best moves (as you should already know) are good, forcing moves (okay, I guess the checkmating move is better, anyway).

This diagram is the usual Italian opening:

So now that you know how this opening looks like, you will realize that now seems to have many fair choices, which now can be led to one. This is because Nf6 can transition into the Fried Liver Attack, which is good for white, by the way. I will write another article on playing the Fried Liver as black, since I do it myself, and people have asked me to show about blacks play there.

So, back to what I was saying about the diagram, e6 can be eliminated because the bishop will have a hard time developing.

So now we are left with black's logical choice 3...Bc5

Now is the time to attack while black is developing! 4.c3! to follow up with d4! Keeping the tempo!

Let me tell you about the knights' position, and why d2 is better than c3...on c3, black has many more future attacks, especially in the long term. Sure, black may captureand you will get a fair pawn structure c3-d4, yet, lets say he doesn't take. Look at this diagram:

Ok, so that was the Nc3 version. Now, the Nd2 version:

I won't even bother now why this is such a great attack withh f3!   

Laughing Smile at your opponent very cheesily with this move like this!Laughing

Money MouthSmile at your opponent like this if this is a money making game!Money Mouth

Just kidding Wink

So this is how to play the Italian. If you have any questions or comments, post them or send a message, and I will be glad to answer.

Now you can see the greatness and glory of the Italian. Play this opening, test it out, play against people. You'll find that the Italian is a dangerous weapon against anyone, anywhere, anytime.