The French as White

The French as White

Feb 25, 2014, 5:19 PM |

Of course, this opening must be shown.

One of the oldest, one of the most classic, and one of the most respected openings the chess world has ever seen.

In this blog, the French will be analyzed as white, for the easy reason--if you play it, you know it.

You will learn to defend AND attack, by playing white against it.

1. The best moves are forcing moves

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The starting position of the French

 Yes, there are many lines after this move, but in this blog, I will tell you of the more common line 

2.d4   d5

3.e5   c5

So now, the most likely move is c3 for white. I matches straight up with c5, defending the attack.

Nf6 then Nf3.

Now the queens come in the game. There is a multitude of moves you can do. It just depends which type of position you like. There are 2 things you can do to find that out.


  1. Personal preference
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I will solely show you the c3 variation because I believe that it is by far my favorite.

...c3 Qb6

You will likely feel pressure to put more defenders, but do not be fooled, you already have enough. Lets put some counter on the queenside to start a great attack


I think it feels really innocent at first and very defensive, but we have a great follow up of b4. 

When I play as black (I've been in this position before) I want to err...counter-counter attack :) a5


no more b4, but that is the eventual idea.

Now there are many more variations spanning from f6 to Nge7, but what you want to do, is castle, don't take onf6 because then he gets center, so let him/her take so you improve YOUR center by taking back with a minor.

Front and center, this is the French as White. Questions? Comments? Please post them below!

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