Which Parts of Chess Were Made for You?

Which Parts of Chess Were Made for You?

Jan 6, 2014, 11:21 AM |

Over time, I have noticed certain trends through players that seem to favor certain sides, and open/closed positions. Take this little quiz and some questions will have found their answers.

**White or Black**

  1. Do you like choosing the opening?
  2. Do you prefer to react to your opponents move, rather than the opponent reacting to yours?
  3. Do you adjust well to new things?

Answers are at the end.

**Open or Closed Positions**

  1. Do you prefer Bishops over Knights?
  2. Do you like having lots of pawn chains?
  3. Do you like having open files for your rooks?



For White or Black--2 Yes's=Black--2 No's=White

For Open or Closed--2 Yes's=Open--2 No's=Closed

I hope at least some of your questions have been answered if you had any!