A Team to Watch

Nov 30, 2009, 8:53 PM |

NOW that I'm fully recovered from the intense excitement of the past day and a half, I thought, "Why not submit a comprehensive report of this singular activity of a typical Chess.com group". This is in order as after all we are news worthy in this community.

Red Army beat Chess Unlimited 1-0 in the Fortnight Speed Vote-chess League (10 minute per move team vote-chess matches), on Saturday 28th, Nov, that much, is well known by now.

To both teams playing the game this weekend CONGRATULATIONS!  Red Army (RA) due to the fine win; and to the classy Chess Unlimited (CU) for proving worthy... 'Victims' here is the game link for those of you who still care to savor the moment: 


PLAYING Black in the 56 move battle; an exhausting 19 hours of tactical scrimmages; RA withstood the challenge of heavy hitters CU who played White. CU is one of the bigger (>2000 strong) and better organized groups on Chess.com and is currently ranked 5th near the top of the Team Vote-Chess Leader board of well over 600 active teams. RA currently in 17th position is improving with this win.

According to computer analysis of the game, Black played a 'Sicilian Scheveningen' (B80) defense c5; to English Attack in reply to White's opening e4. Surprisingly, on move 13 some of White's databases, as sourced from their own game comments, showed that Black had the better position; ~30 ~10 ~60.  However White's Queen-side castle move balanced their game, and they threatened to upset Black's equilibrium by advancing their King-side pawns. Black never castled, and controlled the center with skillful Knight ‘Sorties’ so much so that White swapped off both Black's horses.

The match decidedly turned only when RA, eschewing the gasps from skeptics in the observers’ gallery, made a daring Bishop sac on move 30. ...Be4+! This move launched a defense devastating combination on White's Queen-side King castle position, and gained a pawn advantage.           

IT was downhill from there for CU; with their 1st resign vote registering soon after, on move 34. CU fought tenaciously, sacrificing their Rook for RA's domineering black square Bishop. Content to go further behind in the point total in order to remain in the game. Despite their grasping-for-straw like pleas for a draw, and white inflicting a series of desperate checks on the indignant RA King, from then on it was always only a matter of time...

SPECIAL thanks to team member EternalHope, who played from start to finish (You got to love this guy, hope you got some well deserved R&R partner, I'll send you a trophy); Aldums there for most of the game; myself there until the win was in sight; And all members who participated. Honorable mention too, to the players who are members of both groups who choose to join RA in this match, seems you made the right choice!

Let’s celebrate everyone who contributed or supported in anyway, from both groups. And let’s applaud the organizers of the FSVL. As we say in the Caribbean "NUFF RESPECT".

Now everyone knows that Red Army is... a team to watch!

Red Army team was:

elcomandante66 (2802)  Catalyst_Kh (2556)
KYLion (2516)               Anushavan (2357)
aldums (2245)              VuduChile (2152)
Dennis_Webb (2108)     EternalHope (2061)
Eiwob (2027)                escral (2012)
PavleKosic (1979)         sramanigs (1941)
cryptomega (1877)        Celebi (1802)
jwhitesj (1793)             Emma007 (1785)
LYCAN148 (1684)          turn (1584)
klhn444 (1513)             ShadowKnight8702 (1200)
Cerebus11 (1200)  Sashe (resigned)  Ysatters Kajsa (As always)