Getting The Team Ready! by Paul Swaney of

Getting The Team Ready! by Paul Swaney of

Apr 3, 2014, 2:21 PM |

Greetings all.

I ran across an interesting story on my Twitter feed @WinCityChess.  

Chess Coach Paul Swaney from shared a recent story of his experience coaching his young team in the recent Virginia State Chess Championships.

Did you know there are more kid Grandmasters than ever in history?

Thanks to Youtube videos and advanced computers, kids have an overwhelming advantage to learn the game of Chess.  I only wish I had their opportunity.

I run the Shenandoah Valley Chess Club in Winchester, Virginia. We've just sent our application to become affliated with the United States Chess Federation.  But more importantly, promoting Chess in Virginia and across the United States is a passionate goal of ours, especially for young kids.

Hats off to their coach, Paul Swaney for doing a terrific job.

If you have more stories like this, or if there are cool Chess happenings in your corner of the world, please email me your stories, events, and links at so that we can promote them through our social media platforms at

Our goal is to get as many people in the U.S introduced to the Immortal Game of Chess.  What better place to start than the youth.

David Hubbard

Shenandoah Valley Chess Club Director