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The Moves Not Taken

The Moves Not Taken

May 30, 2014, 2:22 PM 6
Greetings Chessplayers!
This game analysis is from a recent OTB Chess match between myself and friend Charlie S. who is quickly becoming a force to contend with over the 64 squares.
As the old adage states: Hindsight is 20/20 and Chess is no exception. My goal posting this analysis was to highlight some key lessons for beginner to intermediate player which form the majority of Shenandoah Valley Chess Club in Winchester, Virginia (http://www.winchesterchess.com)

Though expert to master level players will quickly see our missed opportunities, I wanted to post this anyway.
How do we avoid these headslapping - "How did I miss that?" moments? 

By going through the moves!

It can be painful and ugly, even when you win.  Yet it is absolutely essential!
Annotating moves and reviewing games is the soundest way to identify what succeeds in our attempts to win chess, and what clearly did not.  
Follow this link for more informationation on chess annotation:
This is highly recommended for players who wish to improve their game. 
Myself included Smile
Final Note:
I have played Chess on and off over 20 years. I have beaten 1700+ USCF rated players and 2000+ ICCF-rated players in a casual OTB setting. However, I have no significant ratings or titles as of now.
I am new to chess analysis and still have tons to learn.
Any critique, ideas, comments, and suggestions on both the analysis and game itself are welcome and greatly appreciated!

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