King's Pawn Denied

Jan 13, 2010, 11:09 PM |


For those who approve of the King's Pawn - Center Game opening (1.e4,e5, 2.d4) I have found it, in my opinion, to be a bit of a gambit itself. Most often the Knight is played out before the actual Pawn comes out, yet for an immediate claim to middle, this option is available. From what is below, my idea had been for when the King's Pawn isn't immediately taken. I have found (and won) every time it isn't taken that White just can claim such a strong front, eventually advancing. For when Be3 is played, eventually the Knight can sit behind it (Ne2) and create not only a strong defense, but a possibility in flanking a weak point from the g file simply by pushing up its pawn.


As plenty of chess players probably try to do at some point, I went ahead and tried coming up with my own opening. Below is one I (as later stated) believed have developed, yet could very well be wrong.  The part that actually amazed me was the fact that I got to use it so soon and effectively.

If you take a look at the couple of variations that could unfold, all of them leave White with a strong presence in the middle.

This may or may not have a name, but I developed this on my own with no prior knowledge of such a method existing. So far I believe I have only had 1 game where I got to use this. The game is below.