White Trash Play

Apr 9, 2009, 12:50 PM |

Trash talking is a strategy but an annoying one.  If you want to come off an a..hole then trash talking is the way to go.  It's cheap, let your game speak for itself.  When you're playing with a good friend then a little trash talk is acceptable because it's taken in the tone of friendship.  When it isn't I call it White Trash Play.  Actually, I call it alot of things but I'm keeping it PG.

I blogged this game for several reasons;  1.)  Ifinally figure out how to include games in a blog.  Took forever.  2.)  I'm a beginner at chess and I was surprised that by blogging about this game I noticed mistakes or unnecessary moves that can be avoided next time.  I don't play white trash especially on timed games because time is spent thinking up witty comebacks and not on the board.  3.) My trash talking opponent ends up eating crow.  Whatever you do in life always think is this something that I would be proud of if everyone knew.  So, if you're playing me on Live Chess and you want to start up some trash talk.  Know, that I won't really bother.  Yes, it will annoy (I was told F... Y.. in Filipino for the first time.  Kinda proud of that actually and yes, he lost ... twice.)  And you better win because I will throw it out and let the community know your playing style.  If it bothers you others knowing then don't talk smack.  Some people enjoy trash talking but I don't and I think I'm in the majority so hopefully people will recognize your name and pass on playing you.  Enjoy your rank never changing as the day ticks by and you're rarely played.  4.)  I enjoy commentaries and I've included one that is pretty enjoyable.  So, enjoy it.