Free Chess in Whittier
Black to move and mate in two.

Free Chess in Whittier

Sep 11, 2017, 6:37 PM |


$0 prize fund is 100% guaranteed!

A free US Chess rated tournament!

Saturday, July 28th, 2018 @ 10:00am. 

Whittier High School Library, 12417 Philadelphia Street, Whittier CA 90601.

3 sections with McMahon-style pairing system: 2100+ section, 1000-2099 section, Under 1000 section.

This McMahon-style pairing system will apply a half-point (for pairing purposes only) for every 100 points of each player's rating beyond the section minimum.  This will lead to players usually not being paired too far up or down in any round, even in a large section.  For example, a player rated 1820 starts the event with 4 points (eight half-points) for pairing purposes and is likely to be paired with another 1800 in Round 1, who also starts with 4 points for pairing purposes.  If the player rated 1820 wins, then he/she now has 5 points (for pairing purposes) and may be paired in Round 2 against a player rated 2050 who started with 5 points but lost in Round 1 to another expert.

Sections and round times: 

2100+ section -- 3 rounds of G/80' +10" increment @ 10am, 2pm, 6pm.*

* Rounds 2 and/or 3 may begin early by agreement of both players.

1000-2099 (middle) section -- 4 rounds of G/55' d5" @ 10am, 1pm, 3:30pm, 6pm.

Under 1000 section = 4 double rounds (8 games) of G/25' d5" @ 10am, 1pm, 3:30pm, 6pm.

Please note:  there is no G/5' d25" time control in this event, but some extra rated games may use this.

*AUGUST (or most recent) supplement rating used for pairings.

Qualification for sections by either (a) August or most recent supplement rating or (b) current unofficial rating at time of registration -- OK if it drops below section minimum after registration. 



Apart from McMahon points, no half-point byes will be given, but all zero-point bye requests will be honored.  Full-point byes given only to the odd player in each set of pairings.  Please request zero-point byes in advance.  

Free registration by email through Tues 7/24; $10 through Fri 7/27; $20 onsite Sat 7/28 (cash only).  Registrations may be capped at 100 players.  To register, email:  keleperkins (at) gmail dot com

PARENTS & PLAYERS:  Please bring your own chess equipment, especially clocks, if possible.  We cannot guarantee that there will be extra equipment for you.

Rating reports for recent FCWs (57-104 players in each):  # 122121120, 119, 118, 117 .

Dates of future Whittier Chess Club tournaments (these Saturdays are not yet confirmed, but probable):  Sat 7/28 (possibly a fundraiser), Sat 8/4.

Whittier Chess Club was again the affiliate for the ChessKid Online National Invitational Championships (a.k.a. CONIC)!  See article and rating report.

Mate-in-two problem above:  WK on e1, WR on a1, WPs on a2 & c2; BK on e3, BQ on a3; Black to move and mate in 2 moves; no questions.(Hint: no computer can solve this, but a human can!)