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Free Chess in Whittier

Free Chess in Whittier

Sep 11, 2017, 6:37 PM 0


A free US Chess rated tournament!

Sunday, February 11th, 2018 @ 10:00am.  

Whittier High School Library, 12417 Philadelphia Street, Whittier CA 90601.

3 sections with McMahon-style pairing system:  2100+ section, 1000-2099 section, Under 1000 section.

This McMahon-style pairing system will apply a half-point (for pairing purposes only) for every 100 points of each player's rating beyond the section minimum, e.g. a player rated 2200 receives 1 half-point to start in the 2100+ section; a player rated 1900 receives 9 half-points to start in the 1000-2099 section; a player rated 800 receives 8 half-points to start in the Under 1000 section, and so on.  This will lead to players usually not being paired too far up or down in any round, even in a large section.  There are some possible exceptions; e.g. a player rated 1400 who has 4 half-point byes (2 points) and then earns a perfect score of 3.0/3 will be paired as a player with 5 total points, and could possibly face a player rated 2000 who has 10 half-point byes (5 points) to start, but has lost all 3 games (0.0/3), in Round 4.

Sections and round times: 

2100+ (top) section -- 3 rounds of G/80' d10" @ 10am, 2pm, 6pm.

1000-2099 (middle) section -- 4 rounds of G/55' d5" @ 10am, 1pm, 3:30pm, 6pm.

Under 1000 (bottom) section = 3 double rounds (6 games) of G/25' d5" @ 10am, 1pm, 3pm.

*February supplement rating used for pairings.

Qualification for sections by either (a) February supplement rating or (b) current rating at time of registration -- OK if it drops below section minimum after registration. 


Apart from McMahon points, no half-point byes will be given, but all zero-point bye requests will be honored.  Please request any zero-point byes more than one round in advance.  

Free registration through Tues 2/6; $10 through Thurs 2/8; $20 through Sat 2/10; $30 onsite Sunday.  Registration maximum is 100 players.  To register, email:  keleperkins (at) gmail dot com

PARENTS & PLAYERS:  Please bring your own chess equipment, especially clocks, if possible.  We cannot guarantee that there will be extra equipment for you.

Mate-in-two problem above:  WK on e1, WR on a1, WPs on a2 & c2; BK on e3, BQ on a3; Black to move and mate in 2 moves; no questions.(Hint: no computer can solve this, but a human can!)



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