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Free Chess in Whittier # 111 on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Free Chess in Whittier # 111 on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

Jul 4, 2017, 9:50 AM 0
Date & time:  Saturday, July 22nd @ 10am.
Location:  Whittier High School Library, 6739 Whittier Avenue, Whittier CA 90601.
Four (4) sections with different time controls:
A+ section (1800 and above):  3 rounds of G/60' d30" @ 10am, 2pm, 5pm.
BC section (1400-1799):  4 rounds of G/60' d5" @ 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm.
DE section (1000-1399):  3 double rounds of G/30' d5" @ 10am, 1pm, 3pm.
Under 1000 section:  4 double rounds of G/5' d25" @ 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm.
All of the above time controls count for regular ratings.
July supplement ratings used for pairings.  Accelerated pairings may be used in any section, and probably will be used in the Under 1000 section.  Players may qualify for a higher section by registering with a qualifying current post-tournament rating.
Byes: maximum one (1) half-point bye in any round, must be requested before pairings are completed for that round; additional zero-point byes OK.
Entry f(r)ee:  free registration through Monday, July 17th; $10 through Wednesday, July 19th; $20 through Friday, July 21st; $40 onsite Saturday.
Prizes:  $0 prize fund is 100% guaranteed, but all late fees go to the winner(s) of the top section.
Registration:  contact TD Kele Perkins by email (keleperkins@gmail.com).
Advance entries (82) as of Thursday, July 20th, updated here daily.
A+ section (14):  Willis Kim 2042, Prasanna Borse (byes 2nd & 3rd) 2021, Martin Leung 2001, Brian DeSousa 2000, Teddie Wen 1999, Daniel Manahan 1989, Bernard Bednarz 1936, Tommy Wen 1906, Justin Cha 1867, Eric Woo 1835, John Vandenberg 1818, Russell Balcom 1820, Elbert Zeng 1805.18, Bryan Xie 1712 (1803 current).
BC section (15):  Brandon Xie 1793, David Munoz 1779, Allen Qiu 1765, Justin Hsu (bye 4th) 1736, Reagan Pearl 1702, Marcus Vasquez 1603, Serkan Salik 1581, Ojas Mehta 1567, Hursh Mehta 1526, Alexander Kuzmenko 1466, Jay Schoby 1461p, Ethan Shan 1449, Saravanan Selvaraj (byes 3rd & 4th) 1438, Jeffrey Yang 1437, Ellie Zhang 1266 (1450 at registration).
DE section (18):  Aaron Shan 1393.27, Leo Custodio (bye 1st) 1393.04p, Joseph Samluk 1379, Andrew Jackson 1317, Ernesto Ramirez 1302, Kyan Hsu 1297, James Cha 1261, Nikhil Akella 1220, David Csuka 1204, Daniel Shao 1163, Sai Karthik Reddy Pulagam 1131, Nune Khachatryan 1044, Saisrijan Yalavarthi 1006p, Robbie Pearl 1003, Jared Hsu (bye 3rd & 4th) 1002, Roger Li 1002, Suryakant Mehetre, Chetan Mehta.
U1000 section (34):  Serhat Salik 989, Armando Garay 981p, Colin Xiang 977, Tanvi Borse 959, Adelynne Yang 953, Sahithya Saravanan 951, Arnav Kapadia 932, Tyler Statema 927p, Elena Zhang 835, Elena Shtykar 797p, Jonathan Hsu 773, Roberto Shmuel 757p, Olivia Tullius 696p, Snow Mendoza 668p, Satvik Gudipati 650, Leo Wang 522, Artem Shtykar 463p, Jesse Hernandez 461p, Ziggy Mendoza 451p, Ella Tang 410p, Andersen Yang 394, Leah Lopez 380p, Joseph Hsu 300, Miles Vandenberg 227p, Mahitha Saravanan 114p, Elena Lopez 103p, Kailynn SantaMaria 103p, David Barraza UNR, Alvin Chen UNR, Pradyuman Raja UNR, Ertan Salik UNR, Eric Tang UNR, Eunice Vandenberg UNR, Krishna Yalavarthi UNR. 

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