2013 VA State Chess Championship

Sep 5, 2013, 1:04 PM |

     Over the Labor Day weekend, I played in the Open section of the VA State Chess Championship. The time controls for all six rounds of the tourney were 30/90 & SD/1.  My USCF rating was 2018 going into the tourney.  I did really well in the tourney, scoring 4.5/6 (4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) and tieing for 2nd with 3 other people(all of whom were masters) in a field of 36 players whereas the guy in 1st place had a score of 5/6 (5 wins, 1 loss), thus claiming the VA State Chess Champion title.  I claimed the Top Expert prize for that tourney.  Now, one of the games that I won in that tourney was against a 5-time (and current) VA State Chess Champion NM Daniel Miller.  With the exception of the first round where I played an 1800-rated player, all of my games in the tourney were all against master-rated players (where I scored 3.5/5 in that field).  My USCF rating skyrocketed up 94 points because of that touney.

    Going into the 5th round of the tourney on Labor Day morning, I was tied with 2 other people for first with 3.5/4 and was technically leading the pack based on tiebreaks (probably because 2 of my wins were against 2200+ rated players where it resulted that their only loss in the tourney was to me).  However, I eventually succumbed in round 5, playing the worst game I have played in that tourney, as I was told by many experienced players who observed that game, including the guy that I drew with in round 3.  

    Here's my victory against the 2013 Virginia State Chess Champion:


  Where it says "Giving the white king a little escape hatch to avoid 27...Rf1#. ", 27...Rf1# should be 27...Rc1#.      

As well as another victory against another national master with a 2200+ USCF rating: