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2013 World Open Round 8 (U2200 Section): Punishing Someone Who Wastes Too Much Time in the Opening a

Jul 24, 2013, 3:17 PM 0

This game took place during the 8th round of the 2013 World Open in the U2200 section.  Both my opponent and I had 3.5 points as of that round.  When I saw my opponent, he looked like he was only in his late teens/early 20s (and my judgment on that was right when I looked him up afterwards in USCF).   For this round, the first time control was 40 moves in 115 minutes with a 5 second time delay and the second time control was Sudden Death in 60 minutes with a 5 second time delay.  Anyway, in this game, I noticed that my opponent spent way too much time in the opening and middlegame and I took advantage of this (i.e. it took him 53 minutes to get through the first 11 moves of the game and an additional 52 minutes just to get through moves 12-21 of the game). 

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