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The Colorado Community

The Colorado Community

Jul 19, 2010, 10:37 AM 1

     One of the things I look forward to during my time here on Chess.com is the community atmosphere.  One of the largest contributions towards that atmosphere, at least in my eyes, is the many different groups that exist on the site.  There have been groups created that allow people to connect based on locations, ideologies, and interests.  A very nice feature as well is the ability to create a group if one does not exist that fills a certain need within the community.  Naturally, one of the first groups someone who is new to the site (like me) may look into is one based on location.

     Being a Colorado native who also lives in the Denver metro area, I hope to find others who are also in state.  A quick check of the group list using the keywords “Denver” or “Colorado” comes back with a few listings.  The two listings under “Denver” are groups based on local professional sports teams, as are two of the six listed under “Colorado.”  Of the other four remaining teams listed under “Colorado,” one is a regional group and one is a listing for college alumni from a university.  This leaves two groups based on location that are Colorado specific.  And unfortunately, neither group has a super administrator that has been active in months.  This does seem to limit what these groups can do.  Naturally, this makes me feel that these groups will also be limited in the community atmosphere that they can offer.

     This leaves me as a member with limited options.  I can join one of these Colorado groups in their limited capacities.  Or, I could simply forget the idea of joining a Colorado group.  Last but not least, I could create a group myself.  Of these options the last appears to be the one with the most potential.  Why not take advantage of my membership?  If I set it up right I can make sure that others have the ability to help the group carry on even if I were to leave at some point.  Could this also lead to the building of some great friendships here on Chess.com?  And who knows, perhaps there will be chances to learn something new by helping to create and organize a group?  It may even be fun!  With this in mind, I say welcome to the Colorado Community!

As of July 19th, 2010, William created the Team:  Colorado group.  Check it out in the groups section!

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