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What am I doing here?

What am I doing here?

Jul 18, 2010, 3:18 PM 1

Chess.com Blog 001:  What am I doing here?

     As I sat here contemplating what the content of my first blog on Chess.com should be, it came to me:  An introduction.  This made me think of what I should include in an introduction to the community.  It also made me contemplate what I should not include within the blog.  After taking a bit of time thinking about these things I have come up with what you are currently reading.  What follows is my answer to the simple question, “What am I doing here?”

     What am I doing here?  I am sure if you asked ten different members of Chess.com, you would get just as many different answers.  Now, I am not talking about playing the game of chess.  Everyone is here to do just that.  Nor am I talking about playing against other human beings.  Again, this is something that everyone is here to do.  Beyond these obvious reasons, what am I doing here at Chess.com?

     My first response is:  To become part of a community.  Within my current social circles of family and friends there are few who play chess.  Of those that do no one has an interest beyond the occasional game played in a casual manner.  For years these circumstances were fine with me.  This is no longer the case.  My interest in chess has now gone beyond simply pushing chessmen around a board.  I am looking to dive in deeper than that.  And just as with any interest or activity, it becomes easier for a person to explore things with others who have similar interests.  Chess.com is structured to help build associations and friendships around the game of chess (with fairly detailed player profiles; groups to join; as well as forums and blogs).  And unlike many local clubs this can be done for an individual during anytime of the day, any day of the week!

     The second response I would give would be:  To improve all aspects of my chess game.  There are many resources available to a person who wishes to learn more about the many facets of the game of chess.  Libraries, stores, as well as clubs are filled with countless books that cover just about anything a person might wish to know about the game (and perhaps a few things that they did not).  Even more resources can be found online (sites to purchase or play; sites to cover history and players; opening theories and endgames; etc.).  It would be easy for someone who is a casual player to become overwhelmed and perhaps a bit discouraged by the sheer amount of resources.  A site such as Chess.com can help to organize resources in a way that seems more manageable to a “rook”ie such as myself (I apologize, I just couldn’t resist).

     Another reason I would give:  To take advantage of the quality of resources available here.  From work outs against the computer to mentoring; from game analyses to game explorers; from tournaments to group vote chess… there are many things available on here that may be hard to find elsewhere.  This is the reason that I decided to sign on for the premium membership.  Now, the trick will be to take in all of what is presented and make it an active part of my game!

     To be part of a community of chess fans, the desire to improve my game, and the great things available here are all part of the reason I am here.  But all of these things put together are intended to nurture the main reason I would give:  To have fun!  If I cannot achieve this here I might as well take my time and money and invest it in something else.  So far I am having a great time… and perhaps this blog entry will encourage you to ask yourself, “What am I doing here?”

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