Solution to that position-Encrypted.

Apr 19, 2009, 1:38 PM |
Please do not look at the next twodiagrams until YOU have figured out the solution. The solution is encrypted (See the post on encrypting on my blog).
The key is 1.Bc8+! Kf4
Since if 1...Kxe5 then 2.Nxf3+ (forking king and bishop) and 3.Nxh2 is an easy win. However, Black loses anyway.
2.Nf1  Bg1
2...Bg3 3.Kh5!
3.Kg7 Kxe5 4.Kxf7 Kd6
4...Ke4 makes no difference: 5.Ke6 Kf4 6.Bd7 Ke4 7.Bc6+ Kf4 8.Kd5 Kg5 9.Ke5 Kg6 10.Be8+ Kg7 11.Ke6 Kf8 12.Bg6 Kg7 13.Kf5 Kf8 14.Kf6 Kg8 15.Bh5 Kg7 16.Bf7 Kh8 17.Kg6 Bh2 18.Nxh2 f1=Q 19.Nxf1 winning. The text moves are:
5.Be6 Kc7 6.Ke7 Kc6 7.Bg8 Kc7 8.Bd5 Kc8 9.Be6+ Kc7 10.Bd7 Kb6 11.Kd6 Kb7 12.Bf5 Kb6 13.Be4 Kb5 (See first diagram:)
White must now not play 14.Bxf3? Kc5 15.Ke5 Kc5 16.Bg2 Kc4 drawing. The winning idea is to stalemate the king and take the pawns. That pawn must stay on the board.
14.Bd5! Kb6 15.Bc6 Ka5 16.Kc5 Ka6 17.Bd5 Ka7 18.Kc6 Ka6 19.Bc4+ Ka5 20.Bb5 Kb4 21.Kb6 Ka3 22.Kc5 Kb3 23.Bd7 Kc3 24.Bc6 Kc3 25.Bb5 Kb3 26.Bc4 Kb2 27.Kb4 Kc2 28.Ba6 Kb2 29.Bb5 Kc2 30.Bc4 Kb2 31.Bb3 Ka1 32.Kc3 Kb1 33.Bc4 Kc1 34.Bd3 Kd1 35.Kb2 Ke1 36.Kc2 Bh2 37.Nxh2 f1=Q 38.Nxf1+- (See Second diagram:)

Computers can't solve this position because they can only work with seven-piece positions but this one has nine.