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Sep 17, 2011, 10:29 AM |

The Tale of the English Novice...Suffering & Sin Binned!

Holy chess pimps & cheese,after I suffer the indignation of another defeat. Messaging my Lithuanian opponent (dma72) the words f**k,f**k,*f**k & then immediately receiving a block on my live chess matches.After opening with the Hippopotamus  I overcome a less than convincing start to begin to settle all thoughts on defense and the need to be & stay compact (make the bugger work) then suddenly i get excited and the next thing I know Ive gave the good lady away,dear oh dear-Shot gun time!

You can find me face down & bloody faced,headbutting the nearest piece of concrete near you any day soon.

Chin up Old Boy

nice cup of char & lay down time.Tongue out

 See you on the boards.

The Wottinger.