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Sep 18, 2011, 6:52 AM |

A Tale of the English Novice...Defeats to the Age Spectrum.

More yank spanks and my dismal run continues as the young jesuisintelligent and not so young  remref condemn me to two more further defeats.Twenty standard 30 minute games played and my record stands at (5/15/0) and I am rapidly turning into the pillsbury doughboy of chess novices.

After compliementing remref on his end game (I had held my own up untill that point)he cuts me short and tells me "If you played chess as good as you talked you`d be a GM"  and with that the salt is added to my wounds and I feel to tender for the rematch he offers me & politely decline.

jesiusintelligent is more charitable and offers me a rematch after I slip playing a move and fall a square short of my intended target,he offers me a rematch and I accept and go onto lose with the white pieces,he sends me a friend request mid-game & I accept,feeling more for my plight-I think it came out of sympathy rather than a glittering allure of any brave new novice chess world I can lead him to.

My only target can be to improve on the five victotries ive recored in the first twenty games-My dog is not holding it`s breath but he`d rather me kick the cat and have fresh water in his bowl-The lesser of two evils!

Good Luck.

The Wottinger.