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Sep 21, 2011, 9:27 AM |

A Tale of the English Novice....Tetley Tea Bags & Other Brands.

Slurp..Slurp..Slurp! it`s a funny old game.

9 back to back defeats and I seem to be writing the word defeat on these blogs more than any other,only one thing for it! play my first rated 30 min match!

Without cue the jitter bugs kick in and I immediately look for my opponents rating (1072),I then get took over by a higher presence and I open up with the white pieces,inside 21 moves I've won.

It`s the middle of the night and I instinctively walk over too the bedroom window to peel back the curtains,the only sound is a dog barking somewhere in the distance,i eventually let the adrenalin go by walking over to the freezer in the kitchen and crushing a bunch of grapes.

Mick Jagger sang about not being able to get any satisfaction,wonder if Mick ever moved a chess piece in anger ?

Cup of tea , with a view from a high window time.

Good Luck

The Wottinger.