Chess Club Mini-Games

Dec 13, 2010, 1:09 PM |

Traditional chess is very interesting, but we have some very obvious skill differences and some subtle differences in chess club. through all of this, we try to maintain a certain level of competition, and we try to ensure that matches are evened out as much as possible (without restraining ourself) so eventually we all need a change of pace, for beginners who are steadily growing and veterans who are nearly extinct in the club.

In this pursuit we managed to develop mini-games for chess, a very fun change of pace, atleast thats what I believe.

1] Blackout
When evenly matched, or mating just isnt satisfying enough of a defeat (yes, sometimes we just arent satisfied with simply being mated, we have that "go down fighting" spirit) or win we play this little number. Two queens, no king, all other pieces present. The objective is to remove every opposing piece from the field, we like to call it a massacre. We've yet to incorporate the standard point based system into our matches, but once we do it will influence how erratic our playing is in this particular game most.

2] Handicap Blackout
A one sided Blackout, in which one side is dual queening without a king and the objective of placing the other in mate; and the others side has a king and queen (standard set) with the objective of removing every member of the opposing side while defending against the constant threats.

3] Oblivion
I admit, this one was very out of the ordinary and was mostly just for the fun of it [it will likely only occur every so often]. we combined two boards side by side, and gathered up enough queens and rooks to cover up the back row (minus four rooks, which were replaced by two bishops and two knights balanced on the back rows) and had both front rows on the board covered by pawns. the opposing side had the standard Blackout set up on both boards. meaning 4 queens total versus.. who knows how many queens. we didnt exactly count. anyways, we decided the standard Blackout set up had a disadvantage (even with the difference in skill levels) so the Blackout side buddied up against white. we alternated turns in this order; opponent, myself, opponent, my partner. now, when i mentioned that we combined boards, we meant that the pieces could also Cross over to the other board (by their standard motions only), even our own, but our disadvantage was that myself and my partner maintained very little communication with eachother, and would be disrupting eachothers plans against white. because our side was Entirely black, we also had free reign over both boards. see the challenge there?

I admit, in Oblivion we said a few things here and there suggesting moves, but a Real challenge would have been having no communicatio dont you think? [maybe next time] The double board did throw me off though, but all in all its a very fun change of pace, it was still a massacre.

my hope though, for next time, is that we manage to attain a different colored chess set, and have a two on one type oblivion, free reign over pieces of our color on the double board.

So, my online Chess community, what do you think of all of this?

I'm sure as the year goes on, our chess club will think of a few more.. "mini" games.