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Women's World Chess Championship Round 5 Game 1

Women's World Chess Championship Round 5 Game 1

Dec 17, 2010, 3:32 AM 1

The first games of semi-final matches were played today. The Chinese forces clutched today to determine one of the finalists. The first game between Ruan Lufei and Zhao Xue was drawn. The opening was Scotch that leaded to an equal position that soon ended up in a draw.

In another match second and third players in the World by rating Indian Humpy Koneru and Chinese Hou Yifan met in semi-finals as two years before in the world championship in Nalchik. Hou Yifan who had white pieces showed a very good technique in the endgame.

The last move of White was a fantastic 44. Be7!!  If Black captures the bishop the activity of White`s king decides the game in the favor of Hou Yifan. Humpy Koneru preferred to give up a pawn but position was any way lost.

A newly arranged playing venue for semifinalists

Humpy Koneru and her father before the start of the game

Hou Yifan used the advantage of the first move today

Ps:All information from FIDE

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