Winning after losing my queen

Apr 5, 2011, 5:42 AM |

Good for you. Your game is going really well, you are even a piece up in material. Full of confidence you start weaving your web around your opponent, there is no possible way for him to win. And suddenly... You lose your queen.


It's the worst, due to a careless move a game is lost and there is nothing more frustrating. Sure technically you were doing better, but technically doesn't matter in chess (especially in low level games) a loss is a loss.


Today I was playing a 15 min game on chess live against user gerald_good. He had a 1250 rating and mine was 1291. My queen was gone and I thought all was lost, but then - well, see for yourself.




I am very proud of this game. Not because I played the best moves, but because I saw hope in the "not good" moves. Just playing the move I saw as best wouldn't stop a loss because compared to me he was good enough to win with such a huge advantage in material.

Thank you for reading, here is the rest of the game if you are intrested:


Finally, I would like to add that gerald_good was a great sport, and in a very classy manner congratulated me on my victory.