Distractions: The Ultimate Way to Lose Games

Nov 21, 2010, 7:31 AM |

As some of you may know I am not the best chess player in the world. I would like to think I am but every time I see that message come up that says I have been checkmated, I know that dream will never actually come true. Normally I am very good at keeping my mind focused but not always. In the world we live in, life is full of distractions. And this blog is designed to label some of the best I have come across.

The most recent one to my memory was just yesterday. I was playing a game of chess against my good friend reckless123. While this was happening, a rugby match between Ireland and New Zealand had been happening for the post hour and a half and it was a thrilling game. Needless to say I was more engrossed in the game than the chess. In fact, when we started the game Ireland had just scored a try which is what everybody had been waiting for for that past hour and half. Having missed the live shot of the try I was forced to keep watching the replay. While this was happening I was still playing this game of chess against reckless. While I was distracted by the match, in 2 minutes reckless was able to wear down my forces and check mate my king. Needless to say I was damn embarrassed about the whole affair!

Another memorable occasion of distractions didn't occur online. This one actually occurred in a youth hostel. I was on a geography trip with some friends down in Swanage, this is on the south coast of England. We were bored and decided to play a game of chess we had borrowed from the hostel. While we were playing students on another school were banging on our door for reasons that are too complicated to explain at this moment in time. They were becoming rather agressive and my opponent was constantly being distracted. While this was happening I moved my 'forces' and was able to leave his king on his own. However, this distraction worked against as well as with me. For while not paying attention somehow my opponent was able to take my queen. This left me with a bishop and a king and left us chasing each other around the board for a good 5 minutes before my opponent finally got bored and gave in.

I'm sure you have experienced many distractions in your times of playing chess. I myself have experienced far more. But to me these represent times that when you don't focus you can easily lose your game. It sort of explains why in a chess tournament you must be quiet. But I have discovered a solution to these troubles that can only cost a few pounds (or dollars if your American).......earplugs!