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Sexy pawn

Sexy pawn

Jun 24, 2013, 3:29 AM 5

Sexy pawn,

Hi my dear friends, here i come to you with a new story, hoping it will make a little smile on your face.
At sexy land, everyone is meant to be sexy, citizen of sexy land are knowen all over the world to be the sexiest, their hair style, their clothing style, the way they walk, the way they eat... All make them the sexiest, at least that was the case until a new born child come to life, named, Pawn.

He was bald since his chilhood, people call him Pawn Head, no hair, no style, it need only ten years after his born to make the land go down in the international sexy rating, it put the land the nineth of ten land, just behind the ugly hairy dudes and before the naked zombies.

The queen didn't love the situation and was actively looking for a solution, generally the queens are devil, she could order to kill the pawn, but it's not always true, in sexy land, the queen is not only sexy, but nice and kind, instead of the killing intent, she came up with the idea of making hairless people a new sexy concept, she called her bishops to make commercials promoting the baldness, Knight over their horses spread the information, in no more than five years, sexy land regain their rank, the sexiest land just before the butt face land.

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