I win when I lose.

Nov 2, 2011, 10:15 AM |

I believe it is better to lose a game on time than to win on time making fast poor moves.

Some think I'm losing, but really I'm winning.  There are many ways to gain value from a lost game.  Not just regular OTB games that give a focused post mortem to, but even 3 minute Blitz games played on Chess.com

Each game, whether I officially win or lose, there is great value to be found in reviewing and analyzing the moves.  Sometimes it is very obvious the error I've made, other times I need a computer to look it over for me.  However I review the game I learn a great deal.

Specifically though I write this post regarding Blitz games.

I believe it is better to lose a game on time than to win on time making fast poor moves.

It is a known fact that people learn best through repetition.  When playing Blitz we get the opportunity to play many games in an afternoon.  If we choose to repeat making good solid well thought out moves, then we learn how to play well.  If we instead constantly repeat making poor moves without thought or good judgement we are only learning how to lose.

I am often amazed how many of my opponents will make really horrible moves just to save a few seconds in hopes of beating me on time.  Sure, in the short term they get the satisfaction of winning on time.  However in the long term they are destroying their ability to grow and mature as a chess player.

My point:  If you'd like to improve as a Chess player and watch your rating improve over all, make it your goal to play good chess against your opponent and not fast chess against the clock.

I may lose on time, but when all you have is a King and a couple pawns, and I have a King, a couple pawns, a Queen, a Knight, and a Bishop ready to finish you off.... I'll take that.

PS  my surgery went well, the biopsy result was clean.  Hooray, the Cancer did not return!  10 years remission and still healthy.