Legendary Battles: Botvinnik Capablanca 1938

Aug 2, 2011, 7:04 AM |

Only a World Champion GrandMaster would dare make such moves!  I find the best way to study chess is to learn from the Masters.  I often enjoy replaying games of the Masters and watching how they manuever the pieces.  Annotated books are by far the best, especially the ones written by the player.  The insights shared by a GM regarding what they were thinking at the time, and the variations they had considered prior to making their move is incredible.  Some of the best books are:  Bobby Fischer's 60 memorable games, Tal-Botvinnik 1960 by Tal, and Seirwann's Chess Duels.

This segment of a game however I found in a book that had no annotations and only the first few moves from the position followed with .... and then it was over 10 moves later.  Here is the game shared:





Naturally I googled the game and found the entire game posted on chessgames.com:  


Here is the diagram again from the position and let's see how the game finished:





The forethought and calculation skills necessary to have the courage to sacrifice two pieces is amazing.  This game demonstrates the power of both a pregnant passed pawn as well as getting your King involved.  Too many of us mortals leave our King hiding in the corner instead of bravely walking him into the battle.  I learned a lot from this game!  I hope you did too.