Live Tournaments a Success!

Nov 19, 2011, 7:34 AM |

Recently started a beta run of Live Tournaments.  I decided to try a couple out to see how they worked.  They worked Great!  Easy to understand, no lag.  They even give Trophies.  I got a Bronze medal in my first attempt, and a Gold medal my second attempt!  I played the 3 minute super blitz.  A lot of fun. 

What's really neat is that if your game ends quickly ( one of my games I delivered checkmate in only 43 seconds total!  15 seconds of my time and 28 seconds of my opponents). ... You can watch other players games in progress.  simply click games (next to chat) and you can select to Watch a game.  That was fun, and I got to see what the other players style/openings were.  In blitz most people play their favorite most studied opening, so you can bet if they're playing it in that game, you will see it too.  :-)

Thanks for an eventful morning.