Vacation Time should be removed from tournaments

Sep 22, 2011, 6:48 AM |

I began a tournament with 3 day time controls on May 1st.  It is now almost 5 months later and round 1 is still not finished!  To kill the time waiting for round 2 to start (I won my group so I get to move on) I joined a "QUICK Knockout" tournament with only 1 day time controls...but they allowed vacation!!  Months later it's still sitting idle waiting for a few #%^%$&'s to get off "vacation" and make their moves.

In todays world filled with Wi-Fi on every corner, 3G and 4G connections for a plethora of devices, not to mention people who play facebook at work when they should be working, iPhones, iPad, iPod, Droid Phones, using the APP, as well as internet options... how is it possible you don't have the ability to take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule and make a move!

If your life is so busy you can't make a single move in 72 hours, THEN DON'T JOIN THE TOURNAMENT!  There are plenty of other ways to play internet chess without holding the rest of us Hostage.

If you truly are "on vacation".... then you have no excuse.  What's getting in your way of making your move?  You're on vacation!  Nothing is in the way. 

If a major catastrophe happens.....resign.  It's not the end of the world if you rating slips a few points.  You're not a professional making money here.  What are you losing?  Nothing.  stop holding up hundreds of people and frustrating many just because you want to hold on to 20 points.

Could someone please create tournaments that do not allow vacation.  The whole point of joining a tournament is to PLAY the game.  Not sit around and wish I could play.



Can I get an Amen in the comment section?!