Glenbard South Tournament Round 1 @ Board 1


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    analysis: 4. Nf3 has no apparent weaknesses but 4. e4 grabs the center a little more firmly. (opponent's 4...d5?! was weak and non-developing). 11.e4?- all this does is create an isolated d-pawn which produces a large endgame weakness and with no dark-squared bishop to support the d4 pawn, a skilled opponent could easily take advantage of this. Better would to play 11. Rc1 and put pressure on the file. 18. Bxd5? very weak due to light sqared weaknesses, but then we see your opponent make a huge positional blunder with 19...Qxe3 giving up all his winning chances.

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    18. Bxd5... Not the best move of what I've seen...That knight is kinda placed well, but I don't think I would have given up your best Bishop for a Knight. With your Light squared Bishop gone, Your King side is pretty weak. After 18. bxd5 Bxd5, that queen could've gone to g4 to h3 and do a checkmate on g2 easily without your Light squared Bishop.

    28. e4 was a pretty good move in my opinon. It advances an extra spot and doesn't allow e5 pawn (black) to advance. I was kind of hoping you would do something like: Rac1 to Rc7 and put more pressure on the 7th rank.

    I coulda sworn you did 31. Rad1 and then you offered the draw :P

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