West Chicago Tournament Round 1 @ Board 1


  • 4 years ago


    HA!! Well, you got lucky. Was this in the open, or were you at a board in this game?

    Ok, first of all, you played VERY sloppy. You were damn lucky to get away with a win here. You gave up the center immediately, and made almost no effort to develop any sort of pawn structure at all. I can't blame you too much for that, since you needed to get your other pieces out, but still... boo.

    I mean, just look at your position on move 14. If you were given a picture of that game, and asked who was likely to win, assuming proper play and even strength, you'd say white, every time. Your position was garbage, and you were playing very poorly.

    That being said, you did a decent job of diffusing the threats facing you up until your opponent handed you the game (and their dignity) on an engraved silver platter.

    You got lucky. You were playing like crap, and you should NOT have won that game, but you did. You won because you were lucky, and because your opponent was apparently running for office in the National Committee of Morons. After his performance, I'd vote for him.

    My point is, shape up. You can't always count on being lucky, or playing against idiots.

  • 4 years ago


    Nice game!

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