Puzzles from my first blitz tournament

Puzzles from my first blitz tournament


If you're looking to improve your game, I highly recommend playing tournaments here on chess.com. 

I've learned a lot from the daily tournaments I've played. Holding myself accountable to get the best result I can and having the opportunity to play higher-rated players has played a big part in strengthening my chess.

Since playing daily tournaments has helped improve my game, I jumped on the chance when I was offered an opportunity to join a club that plays monthly blitz tournaments. Given that my blitz game is nowhere near as good as my daily game, I'm hoping that playing a series of blitz tournaments might improve my blitz chess as it's done for my daily chess.

I just played my first blitz tournament yesterday and thought that I'd share some problems that popped up in my games.



[1st P.S. — BTW this is a tougher problem (at least for me) where I'm still having difficulty visualizing the solution. I know what it is, I just can't figure it out well enough to explain to myself or others how to find the right move. If you're having problems too, I've posted some comments below analyzing this position in greater depth.]

[2nd P.S. — @simaginfan just posted a simple explanation that helped me to understand this position and the solution. If you're having difficulty figuring this one out, check out his comments below.] 





I hope you enjoyed these puzzles and did better than I did. I'm still finding chess a lot harder at 3/2 for an entire game than at 3 days per move. Overall here're my lessons learned from my 10 games:

  1. When you have time, use it.
  2. When you’re tight on time, play fast.
  3. Look for tactical opportunities.
  4. Go back and practice king and pawn vs king endgames again.
  5. Overall, just play better. Not dropping pieces would be a good start.