Hello again chess.com

May 15, 2009, 9:42 AM |

Hello again, chess.com.

I will soon be offering a video chess course on my website http://zenchess.com.

It will go from the very basics of how to play, all the way up to my current level of understanding which is 2002.  This isn't a 300 page jeremy silman book, this will be an ongoing video course with videos updated regularly.

Some of you may have seen my videos from the past.  I removed them all from the internet.  I didn't feel the quality of the videos represented the quality of videos I can produce with editing and pre-planning.

The subscription will be cheap, and there will be software that goes along with the subscription as well.  You will be able to keep the software, which will be significantly better than the horrible competitors "chessbase" and "chess assistant". 


You will be able to upload your own chess videos on the site, as it will be a web 2.0 style site that is much better programmed than chess.com.  I can explain it in detail, but suffice to say me and Rael spent many brainstorming sessions in the past and I think I have a pretty good model of how a point-system community website can actually work. 

The software will be programmed in smalltalk, I'm not sure which one yet.  Squeak is a good choice, because then it will be multi-platform software (windows, mac, just about everything else). 

Dolphin smalltalk is a more professional smalltalk, but the platform would be windows-only. 

The website will probably be programmed in Seaside, a package for smalltalk that is sweeping the world.

Thank you and stay tuned!

-Jacob Wagner

Uscf 2002 (expert class)

Beater of EUgeno torre

Owner of Magnus Carlsen (in a simul I had a winning position, seriously!)

Future world champion