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The French Lunatick

The French Lunatick

Sep 13, 2011, 7:18 AM 0


Venus in furs.


I have made a decision. A big decision. I loved my old chess friend and though we had a relationship tormented by our own illness' we found a meeting place in the French defence. Thankfully although your man pegged it recently it was not the grim reapers strong card which hit him. I mean he didn't take himself out. Maybe in the end some shard of belief that his deity did care in spite of the way many teated him brought him through.

So having missed him now for a long time I am going to erect a mental tribute by learning the French defence. On Amazon today Bought an old copy of Playing the French By Talbot. And a copy of Starting out in the French.

Here we go...


So it is a long time, too long and now Iam getting ready for the last games of chess.. just me and my brother now to the end...of course life is some sort of game and ditchkins can stick it, as a gambler I'll take pascals wager any day.. just never really figured out how, thats partly bound up with being nuts, it was for him..schizoid disorders suck,not like sister ray but like suck big time...this is not a fucking pop song... this is it..

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