Ohio Middle School State Championships

Mar 17, 2015, 10:29 AM |
This past weekend, March 14-15, I participated in the state Championships for Middle School. The tournament would be 6 rounds, with the first three at G/60 d5, and the last three rounds at G/90 d5. The top two boards in the section would be the DGT electronic boards, with the games transmitted live online and in the area outside the tournament hall for people to watch. I came in as the 8th seed, with a 1607 March Supplement, and was ready to have a great weekend. Four rounds on Saturday, two on Sunday. On to the games:



5/6 was good enough for third place! As the 8th seed going into the tournament, that definitely is an accomplishment.

My new rating is 1729! I have not even been playing live tournaments for a single year, and have only been studying for a little under 1.5 years, and I already have a rating that most will not achieve! I am excited to have earned my second 2nd-category norm (also in this achieving my third 3rd-category norm), with my relatively few number of tournaments.

As usual, any and all comments on the games are appreciated. Thanks for reading :)